I was born and brought up on Lake Superior. I grew up totally in love with music, and started college at the University of Michigan with a sort-of plan to go into sound recording. I majored in electrical enginering.

Then I studied abroad in Australia, and fell for solar power, mainly because it involved thinking about the sun. I also like to knock around different countries and so in my senior year started a solar project in my mother's ancestral village.

After, I moved to the west coast for grad school. For my MS, I worked with a Himalayan social enterprise named Avani on their program to convert pine needles into electricity. Sounds nuts, right? After graduating from my program in Oregon, I came back to the mountains, then left seven months later with a tea company.

Now I'm back in Oregon. The tea company is one startup I'm working on, and a second is a self-publishing project to share textbooks written by my dad. I'm also working at the University of Oregon. As long as I'm laughing I'll be happy.